What We Do

Experience a psychedelic journey with 2 knowledgeable and experienced trip sitters that compassionately hold safe space for you.  Akasa Journeys is based in California and Arizona. We are:

  • personally experienced with various psychedelics.
  • familiar with numerous psychedelic sitting and space holding protocols
    • Leo Zeff, James Fadiman and traditional psychedelic study approaches
    • Custom approach we design together with the traveler to suit the specific situation/goals/interests/intentions
  • supporting of your specific intention(s) for healing and growth
  • creating the optimal set and setting for the individual experience
  • bringing a sense of ceremony to the experience
  • 2 sitters that hold safe & sacred space for you
    (male & female, as the psychedelic studies do)
  • staying with you for the duration of the journey (8 hours plus or minus)
  • following the well established protocol of talking you through any difficulties rather than trying to talk you down
  • working with psychedelic music playlists from the John Hopkins Psilocybin Study (Bill Richards), London Imperial College Study (Mendel Kaelen), psychedelic music playlists of your own or will work on a music playlist with you, if desired
  • including a pre-session meeting with you, the psychedelic traveler, within the 10 days before the journey
  • including a post-session meeting with you, the psychedelic traveler, within the day(s) immediately following the journey
  • keeping in touch during the first two weeks via e-mail, text and/or phone to help integrate and support your healing
  • connected
    • to the scientific community of psychedelic researchers
    • to the Southern California plant medicine community where we are active participants
    • to the psychedelic community of book authors, writers, filmmakers, explorers
    • many other very experienced fellow travelers
  • providing a list of local and other resources and information for integration and further study. This list includes and goes beyond typical psychedelic resources to include transformative bodywork (Somatic Experiencing, Rosen, Hakomi), traditional therapists, psychedelic integration specialists, hypnotherapists, and more.  Our resources are psychedelic friendly.
  • NOT providing or procuring  illegal substances, and offer this service to promote healing, safety, education, and harm reduction.  
  • aware that cannabis is a legal substance in California where we are based, though we don’t provide it.
  • California based, other geographical locations by arrangement.  We can help arrange travel to us, if desired.