What We Do

Experience a psychedelic journey with knowledgeable, experienced, trauma informed tripsitters that compassionately hold safe space for you.  Akasa Journeys is based in Los Angeles, California, since 2018.


  • are personally experienced with various psychedelics.
  • are trained in various modalities including
    • Gabor Maté’s Compassionate Inquiry
    • PSIP from the Psychedelic Somatic Institute
    • Rosen Method Bodywork Intern
    • Joe Tafur’s River Course Completion
    • and are IFS and Polyvagal Theory informed
    • Attachment Theory informed, we are relationally oriented.
  • work with with numerous psychedelic sitting and space holding protocols
    • Leo Zeff, James Fadiman, traditional study approach, PSIP,
    • Custom approach we design together with you for specific situation/goals/interests/intentions
  • support your specific intention(s) for healing, growth, and/or consciousness exploration
  • create the optimal set and setting for the individual experience.
  • honor your process and welcome all of you, all of your parts in all of their expressions, even the difficult ones that likely haven’t had a voice in so very long. We welcome your pain and difficulties as well as your successes and joys.
  • bring a basic ritual/ceremony to the experience including actual and energetic space creation, somatic work, and a mini live sound bath.
  • stay with you for the duration of the journey (6 to 8 hours average time)
  • provide the option to have Compassionate Inquiry session(s) in the days before your journey.
  • work with psychedelic music playlists from John Hopkins University (Bill Richards), Imperial College of London (Mendel Kaelen), East Forest, playlists of your own, or we will work on a music playlist with you, if desired.  We also have the complete Overtone music playlist from John Hopkins, not the Spotify one with 7 missing songs.
  • include an in-person pre-session meeting with you within the 10 days before the journey, ideally the day before is best.
  • include a post-session meeting with you within the day(s) immediately following the journey. This session may be over zoom or in-person.
  • keep in touch with you after the process via e-mail, text and/or phone to help integrate and support your healing
  • have PJ as your solo sitter/guide holding safe & sacred space for you with the option for the full male/female dual sitter experience for an additional fee.
  • provide resources and information for integration and deepening of your process on your own healing/exploration journey.  Healing takes time, courage, and commitment.
  • are well informed active members of the psychedelic community that includes researchers, plant medicine facilitators, community leaders, organizations, and other experienced fellow travelers on this path.  We bring the best of this information to provide the best experience for you.
  • DO NOT provide or procure  illegal substances, and offer this service to promote healing, safety, education, and harm reduction.  (We can, however, direct you on how to obtain on your own, if needed.)
  • are Los Angeles, California based, other geographical locations by arrangement.  We can help arrange travel to us, if desired.