Schedule a Session

To schedule a session please complete this intake/assessment form to the best of your ability. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to get to the form. Once submitted and received, we will reach out via email and send our standard agreement/confidentiality form to be signed and returned with your non-refundable $100 deposit. Once we receive the agreement/deposit, we will schedule your journey, including pre- and post-sessions.

At any point in this beginning process, we can schedule an introductory zoom or phone meeting.

The pre-session is a 1-2 hour face-to-face meeting where we get to know each other, create comfortableness and safety which are important components of having a good experience, and also plan the details of your session including your intention, navigation information, set, setting and music.

The session itself is 6 to 8 hours typically. We create a safe space with a simple opening ritual, tuning into the 7 directions and creating an energetic safe space both externally and internally.  We also include some psychedelic somatic work and a live mini-sound bath to send you off on your journey.  We are always right there for you the entire time, no matter what comes up, we welcome all of you in all of your expressions with acceptance, support, non-judgemental and attuned presence.  We are trauma informed and support your process and intention, however that may show up.

Post Session:
This is a 1 to 2 hour meeting and can be done the day after the session or in the days following, allowing time to process the experience. We go over your experience and provide further integration tools and resources to aid your continuing growth process.

The sliding scale total fee that includes everything above with PJ holding space as described and working with you during the journey is from $1,850 to $1250, pay what you can in this range.   Adding one of PJ’s female associates also holding space with PJ for the full male/female sitter experience brings the sliding scale total fee from $2850 to $2250.

We are sensitive to those underserved and in financial hardship, which is why we have a sliding scale.  While we cannot help everyone in this situation, even with our sliding scale, let us know if you fall in this category.

Compassionate Inquiry:
We offer the option of Compassionate Inquiry (CI) sessions for a more powerful healing experience.  These sessions would be in addition to the pre-session and can be done over zoom or in-person.  CI sessions, done in advance, can prime your journey experience to go deeper in working with your traumas as well as having a more solid framework for looking at and dealing with what may come up.  CI helps to connect the dots between your current issues and the childhood developmental trauma so many of us have, often the primary source of our issues. We recommend 1 or 2 or more sessions in the weeks/days before your experience. These sessions are powerful on their own. The sliding scale fee is $175 to $125 per CI session.

Your information is kept confidential and helps us support you as you take these courageous steps to support yourself!  If you have any questions or considerations regarding the Intake Form below, contact us here.